I'm Justyna

I don’t change my clients’ lives, I transform them.
I take great pleasure in fostering an environment that empowers individuals to maximize their potential and become more of who they really are.

When I say, ‘You can have it all’, I truly believe in it and I’m speaking from experience.

I live fearlessly seeing no limits. I believe that with the right attitude I can be anyone, have anything and do anything I wish but I wasn’t always like this.

I came to England at the age of 18 on my
own trying to discover my life path.

 For years I was living my life the way other people wanted me to live, following someone else’s vision. I listened to others believing that they know life better than I do. But how could they know what’s best for me when they didn’t know who I truly wanted to be?

Over the years I worked in nine different professions through hospitality, finance, mental health to event planning, trying to find something I would be finally satisfied with. I met plenty of people but constantly felt alone, misunderstood as the environment I was living in didn’t allow me to thrive and be who I truly wanted to be. I didn’t understand why I was continuously unhappy. Nothing was ever enough for me. I had bigger plans for myself but I thought they are impossible to get so I gave up on them. Once I got the courage to rewrite my story, I never looked back and never regretted it.

I often think of how much easier my life would be if I decided to follow my path from very beginning and have someone to support me along the journey. All of us have their own dream and yet we are taught to follow the society’s expectations and obey the social pressure as others try to prove us that our goals are impossible to reach.

As children we dream big, as adults we are encouraged to follow others and stop fighting for what we want. Our beliefs shape how we perceive our reality. I believe I can have it all and so can you. You can have it all and more, only if you’re willing to do the work.


I take my work seriously and strive to improve in every aspect. I prioritise what’s right over what’s easy. My friendly yet firm approach helps you overcome challenges, whether they’re external or internal, such as procrastination, limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome.
I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation, an Occupational Psychologist accredited by The British Psychological Society, a graduate member of The British Psychological Society’s Special Group in Coaching and Occupational Psychology and a Fellow at the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital an affiliate of Harvard Medical school.

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