How Can I Focus on My Career?

Most of us are having to make some sort of adjustments within our work or career (or both) due to the current state of our society.

If it’s not directly tied to the pandemic which just won’t seem to cease, it’s either internally or externally influenced which is causing many to feeling stuck in their life and/or career.

Therefore, it’s time to hire a professional career coach starting with a free consultation.

I’m Martin Woodard, a career coach trained in both life and career coaching.

One thing that’s very important to understand and work hard to maintain is the ability to have a healthy Life Balance.  

I will offer some specifics below that continue to be effective with my clients who come to me to gain their refocus.

= Live Your Priorities.  Know your true priorities in your life.  Work first on them every day.

= I Desire To Enjoy Life.  You deserve to enjoy life.  Take an inventory and if/when necessary – slow down your pace.

= Feelings Matter.  Your feelings tell you what’s really going on with you, so pay attention.

E = Excellence, Not Perfection.  Perfection is both exhausting and unrealistic.  Focus instead on excellence and learn when “good enough” is really – good enough.

= Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries.  Set boundaries with yourself and others.  Ensure your needs are being met, and if not – why not?

A = Awareness.  Knowing when you have balance and when you’ve lost it is what enables you to take corrective action.

= Less Is Better.  Doing less is both more relaxing and enjoyable, plus you’ll probably make fewer mistakes along the way.

A = Accept What You Can’t Change.  When all else fails, acceptance of the situation will reduce your stress.

N = “No” Is Your New Best Friend.  “No” is the word that frees you from overscheduling and overwhelm.  Reframe the word “No” to also mean “next opportunity” It will lessen the guilt you may feel when used.

C = Check In Often.  When making decisions ask – “Does this move me towards or away from balance in my life”?

E = Excellent Self Care.   Know what taking care of yourself looks like and do it well.

I’m finding the above strategies are working well with my clients who are receiving life and career coaching.  Why?  It provides them with laser focused career development strategies they can test out and refine with my assistance as their career and/or life coach.

The main thing we want to do is be understood during these difficult times which has become quite confusing and even difficult when we just don’t know where to start.

Having a skilled guide to help you steer your desired results productively and in minimum time is important.  

Two of the most dangerous things you can do which will not only prolong the agony you may be going through or worse cause you to make bad decisions – Acting in Fear and/or Losing Your Self-Confidence.

Many people who have limiting beliefs and who think small will sometimes act out in fear of loss. If you make choices on the spur of the moment, or you buy things, or own things, you don’t like just because someone else did it, you may be acting in fear. 

The theory of Scarcity (focusing more on what you don’t have versus what you do) can also kick in when we over worry. 

Bad choices are often made out of fear. Why not take that lower wage job because you won’t be able to get anything better or to believe that bad things are happening to you, so what does it matter if you just give in and accept the “cards you’ve been dealt”.  The reality is even if you’ve been dealt that “bad hand”, learn to play it as long as you can with your head held high and your dignity intact.  If you let go of fear and scarcity thinking, you won’t be afraid to make bolder moves which increase your chances of success and an even higher self-esteem.  

Many people who indulge in scarcity thinking tend to lack self-confidence. Their real reason for not doing more is that they really don’t think they’re good enough. They don’t really believe they deserve anything. Their entitlement attitude gets to them, and they think they’re a bad person and don’t deserve happiness, money, and their dream life 

It may seem contradictory to feel entitled but at the same time lack confidence.  Truthfully, they can easily go together.  How so?  After a person beats up on other people for having what they want and deserve they’ll beat themselves up even more for not being “good enough”, “smart enough”, or just not enough all together.

The way to overcome this is to do things that help you experience self-confidence. When you do things that make you uncomfortable, you’ll come out feeling good about yourself, which will improve your self-confidence. This is especially true if you find a way to do things for others at the same time.

If the above resonated with you or made you think – great.  If you would appreciate to talk with me about your career or life situation, I’m only a phone call or email away.  Remember the first one’s on me.  If not now, when?


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