Job Salary & Life Satisfaction: Is There a Correlation?

Is there really a connection between money and happiness or SWB – Subjective Well Being? If so, is there a certain level of money here in America when reached we hit a plateau of “happiness”? According to research reported earlier this year – YES and the amount ranges from 75K to 105K. (Nature Human Behavior/Vol 2, Jan 2018 – Happiness, Income Satiation and Turning Points Around the World).

So now that we’ve examined the research – where does this leave you? What are your thoughts and regardless of income – ARE YOU TRULY HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL?

Are you “chasing” money or waiting for it to come to you?

I suggest you consider the value of creating a plan which combines both. How and why? A dream without any action to me is just called sleep. Earning money without having a purpose in life is called greed. To achieve success, one will need to develop a realistic plan on how to get there because success is rarely accidental (at least not for me).

Are you being paid equitably for your work accomplishments?

When’s the last time you did the research to truly “know your value”? A quick search on a variety of FREE websites (,, or could give you a highly informative idea by only inputting your job title and job location. If you work for a governmental agency (city, county or state) the information is public information and you could call HR for the answer or see if they have their own salary website.

What’s most important to you – an increase in pay or more free time?

If your field is currently in high demand achieving more pay may be easier, but if you don’t plan this out – why leave a job you may enjoy for a salary increase alone? Why not consult with a Recruiter or Head Hunter who can do the navigation for you and possibly get you some added perks which may also grant you some more free time? If your field is not currently “hot”, you still have choices. So, what about if you love your job, but the pay is below what’s needed to live the lifestyle you desire/deserve?

For example, in many states – Teachers/those in academia are repeatedly overworked and undervalued. If you want to remain in your present job, consider the possibility of overtime, a part time job or if free time you’re after there may be another option.

If you believe you would be a good boss – build your own business with the option of leaving your full time work only after the cash flow replaces your current salary. This however requires caution and guidance due to there being way too many individuals over promising and under delivering on the building of personal businesses.

I will be covering this in an upcoming blog post.

Want more control over not just what you’re earning, but also an increase of choices and SWB (Subjective Well Being)? Let’s have a conversation to discuss/evaluate your next steps to move you closer to obtaining that satisfaction we both know you deserve – It’s free and well worth your time.


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